First Professional Sports Athelete that says He’s Gay

In case you don’t follow sports or you simply have not heard, the first professional athlete in a popular American sport has come out publicly and said that he is gay.

That athlete is Jason Collins, a 34-year-old man who plays in the NBA. He made his announcement to Sports Illustrated and it will be featured on the front cover of Sports Illustrated’s May edition. The quotation that Sports Illustrated is placing on the front cover, and the statement that has been quoted often by the media in reporting of this story is as such:

I’m a 34-year-old NBA center. I’m black. And I’m gay. I didn’t set out to be the first openly gay athlete playing in a major American team sport. But since I am, I’m happy to start the conversation.

Please keep in mind that last word of the statement, “conversation,” because I will return to this at the end of this post.

I do not want to comment on Jason Collins coming out and saying he is gay. I have written about homosexuality, its political status and the underlying issue of it already (; and also at

But what I do want to concentrate on in this post is the response from the media and culture, for I believe it will help to prove what this blog has been saying about the social climate and culture we are involved in, a climate being forced upon us and our children. Continue reading


Movie Commentary: Gone Baby Gone

The Movie Gone Baby Gone is a distinctly Christian movie, or to put it another way, distinctly Catholic. Though the Catholicism of the movie comes in the form of Roman Catholicism, it is not the distinctly Roman dogmas such as papal infallibility and the Marian dogmas that drive the religious and moral perspective of the main character. Instead it is the wisdom of Catholicism as it applies itself so readily to every day life and to situations that humans go through, that ancient wisdom of thousands of years of conversation, thought, action, doctrine, and life.

In a very real sense, the film can be characterized as ultimately displaying two competing moralities: a post-modern humanist perspective vs. a Catholic perspective. That is what makes the movie so intriguing. It is not blank evil against good, but  instead it is one way of righteousness pitted against another way of righteousness. The two different kinds of righteousness  that are placed in opposition to each other are a human-centered vs. a divine centered morality. In some ways, the moral systems of the film could be seen as a degraded Protestantism which has now boiled into a humanist secularism vs. a folk Catholicism that is seen in the young detective who may not be the most devout Catholic but who is obviously Catholic in his upbringing, beliefs, perspective, and actions. Continue reading

Poem: Sangre De Cristo Mountain

I am posting today one of my poems. But I believe a brief introduction is necessary to grasp the atmosphere of the poem properly.

Matthew Arnold was an English poet who lived in the 19th century. If you know anything about European and English history you would know that this was the time when the Industrial and Scientific revolutions were taking off and with this explosion of new society came more and more a rejection of traditional Christianity.

Arnold, living in this time, found himself in a unique situation. Raised as a Christian, he was connected to the older world where Christianity still held some strong sway among the masses and was the worldview underlying many assumptions. But he was watching this world pass away into a new society that he sensed rising up around him. Continue reading

The Underlying Issues Concerning Abortion

In the last two posts I have outlined the legal status of abortion and the nature of the debate surrounding it. In this post I wish to speak of the underlying issue that concerns abortion.

The question that reveals the heart of this issue, the question that shows what the issue is really about, is a simple question: If there is any chance at all that the fetus is a living human being at the time of conception, how can this even be a debate? Prisoners can be some of the hardest criminals but there is one type of person who even they hate: child molesters and child killers. Children are always the first rescued in a situation, they are the most cherished when it comes to protection, and they are often the only thing that brings softness to even the hardest of men.  Continue reading

The Debate Surrounding Abortion

I had meant to do only two posts on this issue of abortion, but this second post became so long I decided to split it up into two posts, which means there will be three posts altogether concerning this issue of Abortion.

In my last post on Abortion I outlined the legal status of abortion to help better understand where America is politially on the subject of Abortion. In this post, I wish to comment on the nature of the debate that surrounds abortion.

To understand any debate it is best to take a step back and really try to understand the position of both sides. When it comes to abortion this is even more important. Abortion is one of the most divisive issues in America, and each side is extremely passionate about their position and is in a state of war against the other.  Continue reading

The Current Legal Status of Abortion

I wish to post two posts about abortion, just like I did about Gay Marriage. The first post will be merely giving the legal status to those who do not fully understand the legal state of abortion in our country. The second post, which I will do in a few days, will be my observations of the true nature of the issue from a Christian perspective. I hope this will be insightful to those who care about our woman and children in this nation and who want to understand abortion in a more holistic way. Continue reading

Movie Commentary: Prometheus

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT! To those who have not yet seen Prometheus, the following commentary reveals much about the plot, themes, and characters of the story, so you may not want to read on until you have seen it. And to those who have seen it, I would hope that this commentary would inspire you to go watch it again in order to think even more throughly through it.

The film Prometheus is a poor film for Alien fans who simply wanted a straight prequel with the same atmosphere, the same unexplainable and un-philosophical horror, and the same 70’s-80’s heavy metal like vibes where the female heroine defeats the evil with her inner Amazon warrior. For these fans, this film is a poor attempt at banking off the name of a famous franchise, when all the director really wanted to do is create a new and unique movie that really didn’t have anything to do with Alien save a few points of homage, the same homage that was paid to the movie Laurence of Arabia throughout the film.

However, to view the film in this light is simply unfortunate and short sighted. It is sweeping under the carpet a masterpiece of human creation and insightfulness. This film is much more in the league of an old classic such as Oedipus, or the ancient myth origins which go beyond some local phenomenon to speak to the grandness of the human narrative. Continue reading