The Problem of the Shifting Scientist

Richard Dawkins is known for consistently repeating one his favorite comments:

Because of the beautiful coherency of natural selection to explain the mechanism by which evolution has occurred, we now  no longer need to believe that a god is necessary for creation and life.

Anyone who has heard him say this can even now hear his smug British accent speaking the words with a satisfied smirk on his face as if there could not possibly be an answer to the comment. The case is closed. Let us quickly forget the 2000 years of Christian history so we can move on finally into the brave new world. The last domino of Christianity has now fallen and now there is absolutely no reason for a god.

I won’t even bother to point out the poor theology which assumes in ignorance that Christians think all God did was create and so once we explain creation there is no reason for God. Nor will I point out that all evolution does is explain how a creation that has already been created may work, but still does nothing to explain how the creation came about in the first place. None of that is important to me for it would simply be answering Dr. Dawkins according to his folly. Continue reading


The Fallacy of Assumed Progress

It is often heard in this advanced technological era the phrase: “Back then people actually believed…” This is said in a way that tries to demean our ancestors as if they were so much more ignorant than us about life because they didn’t have the scientific and technological advancements that we have. Now it may be true that they did not know as much about certain things then we do today. But people seem to mix up wisdom about life with discoveries that advance knowledge about certain things. Continue reading