Thoughts Concerning the Debate on Gay Marriage

“Truth is a gem that is found at a great depth; whilst on the surface of this world, all things are weighed by the false scale of custom.”

–Lord Byron

This quotation by Lord Byron could not better sum up the lowly condition in which the Democracy, or rather the Democratic Republic envisioned by America’s founding fathers, has fallen into in our day. The key to the hiding of any truth is to bury it under the surface, to act as if it not there, so that when men debate and converse they do not even have to address it, and they instead focus on the top of the surface, the fruit of the issue, which they gaze upon and talk about forgetting altogether the root and the heart of the issue itself.

This is no more apparent then when one considers the issue of Gay Marriage. For if the topic of the debate is: “Is Gay Marriage a true marriage?,” then the root, the truly important issue is already forgotten and the conclusion and winner of the debate has already been decided. And what is the true issue that should be considered before Gay Marriage is even considered?  What should we the people really be debating? This is the root of the issue:  Is Homosexuality an acceptable practice? This is the true issue at stake, for once this issue is resolved the issue of Gay Marriage is implicitly answered. Continue reading


Understanding the current status of Gay Marriage in America

Since this is the first post of this blog I want to make something absolutely clear. Just because this blog is Christian does not mean we are going to spend most of our time speaking about Abortion, Gay Marriage, and Guns, which are all topics that most people assume is all Christians really talk about. But that doesn’t mean we are not going to talk about them. And we can not avoid the topic now that the Supreme Court is in the middle of making a huge decision concerning gay marriage, a decision that could be as determinitve as Roe vs. Wade was for abortion in defining the status of gay marriage and for that matter marriage in general, as our country continues to redefine reality so as to change the central institutions that humans have always held so dear.

This post will be done in Two Parts: The First Part, will explain what exactly the Supreme Court is trying to decide concerning gay marriage and the current legal status and place that gay marriage has already obtained. In the Second Part, I will to discuss the Christian perspective on not only the topic itself, but on how the culture has dealt with this topic. Continue reading