Thoughts Concerning the Debate on Gay Marriage

“Truth is a gem that is found at a great depth; whilst on the surface of this world, all things are weighed by the false scale of custom.”

–Lord Byron

This quotation by Lord Byron could not better sum up the lowly condition in which the Democracy, or rather the Democratic Republic envisioned by America’s founding fathers, has fallen into in our day. The key to the hiding of any truth is to bury it under the surface, to act as if it not there, so that when men debate and converse they do not even have to address it, and they instead focus on the top of the surface, the fruit of the issue, which they gaze upon and talk about forgetting altogether the root and the heart of the issue itself.

This is no more apparent then when one considers the issue of Gay Marriage. For if the topic of the debate is: “Is Gay Marriage a true marriage?,” then the root, the truly important issue is already forgotten and the conclusion and winner of the debate has already been decided. And what is the true issue that should be considered before Gay Marriage is even considered?  What should we the people really be debating? This is the root of the issue:  Is Homosexuality an acceptable practice? This is the true issue at stake, for once this issue is resolved the issue of Gay Marriage is implicitly answered.

In a wise society that truly cared about the search for truth and not the impulses and whims of the people, this would be the debate that would be taking place. It would be a loud debate with both sides being represented and the people clear about what the nature of the debate was. And when the debate was concluded the question about Gay Marriage would implicitly have been addressed and would be a mere matter of political legislation, since the true issue had already been decided.

If it were decided that homosexuality is not good for society, for whatever reason it was decided, then gay marriage would obviously be rejected like all other things that are deemed unhealthy for society. But if it were decided that homosexuality was healthy and acceptable, then how could anyone deny these people the same rights of all other healthy and acceptable people? It would seem that if homosexuality is acceptable, then homosexuals would be entitled to pursue their healthy lifestyle with no discrimination by the government or any person.

Since the question of Gay Marriage then is so obviously connected with the question of the acceptance of homosexuality, the nature of the current contention is then obviously revealed. Because the debate about the acceptance of homosexuality has never been concluded at a public level, both sides still assume their unspoken position on acceptance of homosexuality and thus there really is no dialogue taking place. How can there be a debate about the fruit of an issue, if the root of an issue has never been debated?

One side assumes (for various reasons) that homosexuality is obviously unacceptable, and so the question of gay marriage does not even make sense. How can gay marriage be acceptable if homosexuality is not? The other side assumes that homosexuality is obviously an acceptable practice. And if homosexuality is acceptable, how can it not be as obvious that gay marriage is also acceptable?

And therefore, the real question that must be asked, the question that will reveal more than just this one issue, but the current state of affairs in our nation and in most the secular world is this: Why are we not debating the root issue, but instead are settling for surface debates that carry no depth and no real dialogue?

This question can be answered if one examines the nature of a religious establishment. Let us take an orthodox Christian church. This church by definition confesses the Nicene Creed as the content of its faith. This Creed is confessed, accepted, proclaimed, lived out, and passed on to the next generation. Many issues may come up in the Church that are up for debate, but the content of this Creed is not up for debate. Of all the things the people of the Church disagree about they all agree on the Creed. And what is the reason for this? Because they have all been indoctrinated, and in this indoctrination they were given the assumptions by which to judge all things.

Now indoctrination is a necessary element of human education. Every human has been indoctrinated, in other words, they have been given a world by those who have raised them and guided them in life. Even a neglectful father has taught his son something about reality, and his son could possibly pass down this same teaching to his children. A people are bound by their common and core assumptions, and it is this bond that holds them together even in the midst of heavy disagreement.

This really is the genius behind secularization. It causes the people to be pulled between two kingdom, the secular and the religious. They may share some of the common beliefs of their fellow believers, thus being bound to them as such, but they also live much, if not most, of their life in the public, secular realm, where they are also indoctrinated. And this indoctrination also binds them to their fellow secular citizen, creating a nation, a secular nation where the people are bound by common assumptions and beliefs.

And thus, the simple answer to why we are not debating the roots of issues is because we have already been given the answer to these issues by our indoctrination thorough our education in the secular realm. The story, epistemology, establishment, education, and catechism of secularism is too broad and complicated for this post which is now coming to its end, but I want to sum it up by saying this: The secular establishment has slowly brought up each generation to accept progressive ideals more and more, and acceptance of homosexuality, being one of these ideals, has become more and more assumed by each generation.

It is true that religious people, who  are torn between this realm and the religion they have been brought up in, still are connected to the older debate by which Christ’s religion, the Scriptures, and the traditions of their fathers still hold a strong opinion against homosexuality. But even many of these people are torn, because they have been molded also by the secular society. And as each generation passes, they get further and further disconnected from the religious past, until finally a young generation will raise up who are no longer torn between the two realms but who are throughly indoctrinated by the secular realm, and who will thus embrace its doctrine believing they came to it logically when really they were given it in their youth.

For verification of this, simply look at a very recent poll taken by CBS news which asked different age groups: “Do you think it should be legal or not legal for same-sex couples to marry?” Each age demographic jumps significantly from where the demographic before them stands (poll can be found here:

65 and older:  52% NOT LEGAL    35% LEGAL

45-64:               46% NOT LEGAL   46% LEGAL

30-44:               37% NOT LEGAL  59% LEGAL

18-29:                21% NOT LEGAL  73% LEGAL  8% UNSURE

73% of the generation ages 18-29 believe Gay Marriage should be legal! They can only say this because they have already accepted the prior assumption that homosexuality is acceptable. They are not even aware of the root of the issue, because it has already been told to them what to believe about it, or in the words of the scientific establishment, what the FACTS are about it.

That acceptance of homosexuality is not coming from religious ideals is even more evident when the reasons are given by supporters of gay marriage for why they support gay marriage. There are three main reasons usually given: 1) “Because what people do in the privacy of their own home is their business and no one should tell them what to do”; 2) “Because them being gay and getting married doesn’t hurt anybody”; and finally the most perplexing, and yet the most common 3) ” I know someone who is gay.” How this proves or argues for anything is beyond me, for I know some criminals but this doesn’t make me think crime is okay.

What is important to note, is that all these reasons are merely products of secular morality, whether it be pragmatism (it works in our society), utilitarianism (it doesn’t hurt anybody), or simply an appeal to familiarity. None of these reasons even seem to consider that there is a God, that he has a natural order and a law, and that he is the judge of all things. In other words, whether outright or not, the world that is being put forward is a world without God, a world centered upon human impulses, situations, emotions, and desires, and this world cannot in any way be mixed with the world which we as Christians know God rules over. I do not mean to say that there is not some complications to the issue and that there should not be sympathy and pity given to those who struggle with homosexuality, what I mean to say is that this struggle should not be the deciding factor while God’s Will is ignored altogether.

What we are dealing with Christians, and what this blog will address over and over again are two competing catechisms, two competing education systems, two competing worldviews and worlds: The Christian and the Progressive Secularist. And the reason this is so important in our nation is because the will of the people is the true power of our land. The Progressive Secularists know this, and they have patiently carried out a campaign that has captured the minds and hearts of our youth so that when the right generation finally comes into the political realm there will not even be a true debate about the core issues; but all that will be debated will be merely surface issues that are actually already decided upon because the real issue has already been burned into the soul of the generation.

As Christians let us take heart. There likely will come a generation that will legalize Gay Marriage someday. That generation may even be upon us. And this will only be one of many laws that will be enforced upon us, as the Secularist agenda continues to “force-evolve” humanity into a preordained image of the Secularist’s own making.

But our faith does not stand or fall on the laws of our nation, the status of our nation, or the society  of our nation. We must never accept the secular agenda, but we also must not think that this political battle is the main battle which we are called to fight. Despite the foolishness and debauchery of our nation, as the generations continue to degrade more and more, we must continue to believe, worship, love, and live out the faith once delivered to the saints. This is our calling and there is nothing they can do to stop us from doing this. The worst they could do is persecution, and if this ever does happen in a serious way, the Church may finally revive as it is forced to choose once and for all which world it will be loyal to. Do your part to be faithful and to live out the faith. Through charity and patience you may convince some. Raise your children to understand the two worlds they are in so that they will not be taken by surprise when they leave from under your roof. Lift up your prayer to God, and remember he is the judge of all men.


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