Christian Marriage, Part 2- Marriage as an Icon of Jesus Christ and the Church

In the First Part of this series on Christian Marriage I spoke about the Dogma of the Trinity and the Dogma of Creation as being foundations for the doctrine of Christine Marriage. If you have not read that post, I would ask you to please read that first because it is strongly connected to this post. This is a four-part series that speaks about the Doctrine of Christian Marriage. If each part is disconnected from the other parts the full picture is damaged and the doctrine suffers from incoherence and lack.

In this post I will speak about the Dogma of the Church’s Communion with Jesus Christ. For from this communion we get a fuller glimpse into the meaning of Christian marriage and how it is to be lived out before God.  Continue reading


The Underlying Issues Concerning Abortion

In the last two posts I have outlined the legal status of abortion and the nature of the debate surrounding it. In this post I wish to speak of the underlying issue that concerns abortion.

The question that reveals the heart of this issue, the question that shows what the issue is really about, is a simple question: If there is any chance at all that the fetus is a living human being at the time of conception, how can this even be a debate? Prisoners can be some of the hardest criminals but there is one type of person who even they hate: child molesters and child killers. Children are always the first rescued in a situation, they are the most cherished when it comes to protection, and they are often the only thing that brings softness to even the hardest of men.  Continue reading