The Underlying Issues Concerning Abortion

In the last two posts I have outlined the legal status of abortion and the nature of the debate surrounding it. In this post I wish to speak of the underlying issue that concerns abortion.

The question that reveals the heart of this issue, the question that shows what the issue is really about, is a simple question: If there is any chance at all that the fetus is a living human being at the time of conception, how can this even be a debate? Prisoners can be some of the hardest criminals but there is one type of person who even they hate: child molesters and child killers. Children are always the first rescued in a situation, they are the most cherished when it comes to protection, and they are often the only thing that brings softness to even the hardest of men. 

If anyone killed a baby, that person would be hated and raged against by all elements of our society. It could be argued, that if a poll were taken tomorrow concerning what crime is seen by people as the most atrocious and horrible crime, at  the top of this poll children would likely be the victims of that crime, whether it be child murder, rape, or kidnapping. Just think of how traumatized the nation was with the murders at the Connecticut elementary school. How often did you hear that week: “These were just children. It makes no sense at all.” As if the very fact that they were children made this unspeakable crime even that much more horrific.

And yet, suddenly, when it comes to abortion, all these emotions and beliefs, and softness towards children seems to suddenly disappear. Legally, politically, and morally, the love of children becomes an echo to the idea of a woman’s right to liberty. If even there is a small chance that in the mystery of life which none of us, not even science, can claim full knowledge–if there is even a chance that aborting a fetus is murdering a baby, how can we even consider abortion as a valid conversation?

The answer to this question has to do with the indoctrination of America, something mentioned in a prior post on homosexuality. For indoctrination to take place there must be an education. And this education must present an alternative historical narrative which fits in with the doctrine behind the indoctrination.

The historical narrative that has been shoved down the throats of the children of America (and other western societies) is the story of the progressive giving of rights to various groups who did not have the same privileges and rights as others. This narrative is pounded constantly and consistently, in social studies, history, literature, even in explanations of human evolution, as being a progress upward, from barbarians to a civilized society where the old traditional values are finally done away with and now humanity lives freely in equality, tolerance, and respect to all.

Helping this indoctrination, and in some ways a result of it, is the mainstream media, Hollywood, Discovery and History channels and all the various mediums by which this story is put forward again and again as the fundamental paradigm of morality and heroism. Those who are immoral are the bigots, the slaveowners, the abusive men; and those who are heroes are those who have fought to free those victimized by the abuse. All other morality is secondary to this chief of all morality, civil liberties.

This narrative has become the “tradition” of the American, and thus it is his or her story and identity. It is the ultimate measure of morality. Everything is measured by this standard of giving more groups more and more rights. The right for homosexuals to marry, animal rights, the right of the Earth to be protected against abusive mankind, the right for a person to take their own life if they  are in a certain situation like too old or disabled. And once all these rights are granted, these zealots of this new secular religion begin looking for the next special interest group who they can claim needs more rights. These people have received the indoctrination and are now acting upon it with religious fervor.

Morality needs a story by which to understand the origins of the morality and the rules of it. For any story to be considered valid it must at least have some truth in it that will allow the application of this truth to other elements within the continuing story. The truth behind this secular morality is the freeing of the slaves. This inequality was an obvious and true one. An entire ethnic group held in bondage and given no rights that the other ethnic group had is a legitimate sin against an entire race, and thus the freeing of the slaves was truly a moral thing to do.

But this event was so traumatic for our nation, coming with the Civil War, and continuing on in constant prejudice and segregation long after, that it has become the defining event of our nation. The one thing that no good American wants to be is on the side of the slave owner, on the side of the barbarians who have not been enlightened. And thus, society is forced to constant introspection. It is as if the lynch mob has the torches lit and is looking for any group in society that has had anything enforced on them against their will so that those who have done the enforcing can be hung.

But the problem with this type of thinking is how shallow it is. There are many issues that go along with the giving of rights that seem to never be considered. What is freedom? Is freedom the right and ability to do whatever one wants to do? The people who freed the slaves would never have dreamed of this notion of freedom. They merely wanted the African-American to be equal citizens carrying the political and legal rights of the white man.

And what is equality? Since there is no longer any theology and hardly any classical philosophy in the public schools it is difficult for people to think deeply about certain subjects. For instance, women were given the right to vote and made equal citizens with men. But does this necessarily mean that they are men? Does this mean “we can do anything men can and should do?” In the delirium to give women equal rights, what basically has happened is the destruction of the gender distinctions and the loss of much that mankind has held as most important. The greatest losers have been the young girls who never had a chance to embrace traditional femininity, and grew up asserting how masculine they really were since they could and should do whatever a man can do.

Another thing that often does not happen is real scrutinizing of the historical situation. Homosexuals want the right to marry and often try to compare their cause with that of the slaves. By doing this, anyone who does not agree with them must agree with the old slave owners. This destroys real conversation and debate and makes it a historical necessity and inevitability that will happen once man has finally come to his senses and realized his error. There is no debate that can truly take place, but only a conversion of those who are still bigots so that they can finally realize their error and repent.

But this equating of the homosexual cause with that of the slaves has caused many in the black community to react and to tell the homosexuals “don’t compare our situation with yours.”  For these people, they were treated as animals, were literally in bondage, forced into slave labor, and had no rights as citizens. How can this be the same cause of homosexuals? Not to mention that homosexuality is an action not a gender or race. So how can it be seen in the same light?

It must be understood, that just because there have been legitimate inequalities in the past, does not mean that every perceived restriction upon another person calls for the same type of action of freeing the slaves. It does not mean our duty as good citizens is to go about finding every social restriction and assuming that this restriction is imposing upon someone’s rights to liberty.

This idea of civil rights is the secular religion. It is the morality that makes someone righteous, and any who opposes the giving of rights to more and more people are heretics and immoral.

But the problem is that this religion is largely unthought through. It is more of a reaction that seems to never end. No lines have been drawn as to what freedom really is, what equality really is, what are the differences between legitimate social restrictions and illegitimate social restrictions. But instead, this civil rights movement marches on and on with an assumed answer to all these issues. Freedom is people doing whatever they want to do that doesn’t hurt another person. Equality means sameness. And thus anyone who is not allowed to do whatever they want to do is a victim of slavery and must be freed. This being the chief morality means that even the preciousness of a child only takes second stage to the giving of rights to an individual.

And this brings us to the idea of abortion. Abortion obviously falls under the subcategory of woman’s rights. And look at where woman’s rights has come. From the right to vote and be an equal political and legal citizen, to the right to do all the things a man can do, to the right to do with her body whatever she wants to do, even if it means killing her own baby. With the loss of true femininity has come the loss of the natural maternal instinct to fight for a child, and in its place is the instinct to fight for one’s own self.

The woman of the past would have died instead of her child, many women workers of today would rather work then give their child life. And this is because in giving life they would be losing their most precious right: the right to do whatever a man can. To them it would be the same thing as the African American putting his chains of slavery back on. It would be going backwards and regressing from the great strides that have been made to bring freedom. Women have been liberated and now they feel the pressure to live out that liberty by doing what men have always done, pursuing their career and their own ambitions. Women have been freed from the house and kitchen, and it would be a tragedy to go back there merely because of the inconvenience of a child.

In a way the child can be seen as a symbol of the pre-modern woman’s slavery. The child made the woman vulnerable for 9 months. And then for years after the woman had to spend much of her energy nourishing and caring for that child. Without children, women may have been freed long before, but children kept the “delusion” of roles in marriage and society and put women in the place of being wives and being mothers, a place they have finally been freed from. However they still have the right to become a mother, if they choose, for no feminist would take away the woman’s right to enchain herself if that’s what she wants to do.

I am not here trying to put women down for making the decision to have an abortion. I know that there are many situations where it is extremely difficult for a woman to have a child. Some of these situations the woman has gotten herself into through irresponsibility, and some of them the woman is a victim, either of rape, or to a man who has left her behind. I am not trying to even address the actual woman who makes the decision to go into the abortion clinic.

What I am trying to point out is the secular religion that has even made abortion a valid option and in fact a wise one at times. It may not seem like it, but I am actually trying to defend and stick up for the femininity of women. Women have been lied to. They have been made to believe they are something they are not. They have had what is dear to womanhood stripped from them and they have actually joined man in being slaves to the corporate world. The corporate world loves woman’s liberation because it suddenly gave them double the workforce they had before women could also be their slaves.

Women have been made to believe that the real world is outside of the home and that the home is a prison. But for the sake of motherhood and marriage, I tell you that this is a lie. The home is the most precious of places. It is the one thing all mankind truly yearns for. And the woman used to reign over the house. Shaping the children to believe her beliefs, to act like her, to love like her. And with the loss of these women, the type of women men would take their hats off to because they knew that they were the only gender deserving of such a gesture, with the loss of these women as the most precious things in society comes the degradation of the true home and of so much man has held dear.

And it is only because of this trickery by the modern world that the woman who walks to the abortion clinic even sees it as a valid option. The woman’s will has been made God in our culture. The woman can decide between life and death and the “fetuses” will continue to hold their breath in judgment at whether their possible mother will allow them to live. The secular religion of humanism would have the woman to believe she has this right. That she can follow her heart to do what she wants to do. That it is her life that is really important: no man, no child, no family, no home, but her own life is what matters. It is the same selfish instinct that humankind has been battling for thousands of years until the recent century when it decided to just surrender and become selfish.

It is my prayer and hope, for the future of all “fetuses”, our children, our marriages and our home, that woman would free herself from the true slave that would enslave her: her own heart, and the society that tells that heart to do as it pleases.

Each person must ask him or herself what their responsibility is in this fight for humanity; and they must do their part in this fight. We must begin asking the deeper questions of life and not just accepting this new secular religion that has been indoctrinating us and influencing all of us since our youth.

I would never dream of blaming women for all the problems of society. Men are probably more to blame. But we cannot overlook that it is in this new era of “civil liberties” that marriages are being broken up at historical rates, people are not even deciding to marry at greater and greater rates; abortions are a large medical industry and routine process; the children that are allowed to live are being raised by strangers other than their mother and father; and motherhood is being demoted and being held as less important than secular occupation.

How long will we continue to sacrifice the things that have always been the most dear to humanity: family, marriage, home, children–how long will we continue to sacrifice these things upon the altar of this new secular religion?


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  1. An absolutely excellent article. Thank you so much! I am going to reblog it.


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