First Professional Sports Athelete that says He’s Gay

In case you don’t follow sports or you simply have not heard, the first professional athlete in a popular American sport has come out publicly and said that he is gay.

That athlete is Jason Collins, a 34-year-old man who plays in the NBA. He made his announcement to Sports Illustrated and it will be featured on the front cover of Sports Illustrated’s May edition. The quotation that Sports Illustrated is placing on the front cover, and the statement that has been quoted often by the media in reporting of this story is as such:

I’m a 34-year-old NBA center. I’m black. And I’m gay. I didn’t set out to be the first openly gay athlete playing in a major American team sport. But since I am, I’m happy to start the conversation.

Please keep in mind that last word of the statement, “conversation,” because I will return to this at the end of this post.

I do not want to comment on Jason Collins coming out and saying he is gay. I have written about homosexuality, its political status and the underlying issue of it already (; and also at

But what I do want to concentrate on in this post is the response from the media and culture, for I believe it will help to prove what this blog has been saying about the social climate and culture we are involved in, a climate being forced upon us and our children.

Once the news broke, Twitter was alive with comments from people from different areas in our society  praising Mr. Collins and commenting on Collin’s decision to announce he is gay. Please look at this link which has many comments from twitter so that you can understand what I am about to say:

The first thing I want to note are the people who are commenting on this. President Clinton and his daughter, Chelsea; First Lady Michelle Obama; the NBA commissioner David Stern; Spike Lee; Dwayne Johnson; professional athletes from various sports, many of them some of the best in their sports; Katie Couric from mainstream media; the actor Neil Patrick Harris; other notable actors; Kobe Bryant who is probably the greatest and most popular player in the last decade; Katy Perry; and entire organizations such as Human Rights Campaign, the NBA, the MLB and various professional sports teams whose tweets make it seem like everyone in those organisations is giving their approval. And there were many more then those in this article.

People from all around American society felt the need to stop and celebrate the glorious announcement. Notice the words that were used. Notice how alike the statements are and how the same few sentiments are expressed over and over again, almost like a cult who is repeating a belief that has been brainwashed into them so that they truly have no other choice but to speak a certain way.

On the comments from the link alone the phrases and words used are as such:

The word Proud was used in 12 different comments from people saying how proud they are of Jason Collins.

The concept of being real or true to oneself, or a related concept of being honest with who you are is in seven of the comments.

A common idea that is found in many of the comments is the concept of Bravery. People say either that Collins is very brave, has much courage, or at least did something that is hard to do and that he should be commended for doing. This concept shows up in 8 comments and is implied in others. This concept of bravery and courage seems to paint Collins as a type of martyr, who is standing up for righteousness and who is certain to be persecuted for it.

And the other thought that comes out often is the simple proclamation of support for Collins to show they stand behind him. But I will not even comment on how many of the tweets plain out made the statement that they support Collins, because in reality every tweet on that page is a show of support.

So the message is clear. Collins is a brave, courageous man who stands tall in the face of oppression, and he is a person to be proud of because he is true to himself and has embraced who he is. And he is to be supported without any voice of dissent, because the implied tone of it all is that if you do not support him you are an oppressor who is persecuting Collins and being of those who make it so hard for people like him to just be himself.

But there actually was a voice of dissent. There was one voice among the professional media who made a comment that wasn’t completely supportive for Collins. The story about this one voice can be found here Please read that short article for the tone of the article is very important.

The article states that an NFL receiver, Mike Wallace, tweeted:

All these beautiful women in the world and guys wanna mess with other guys SMH.

Mr. Wallace is not making a theological, philosophical, legal or any other thought out argument to act as a true alternative voice to the proud supporters. He is merely making an instinctive response towards the issue. To put it simply, it doesn’t make sense how someone could be gay when there are so many beautiful women in the world. Mr. Wallace must have missed all those days in school where the other people of his generation were clearly taught the correct way to think about homosexuality; and he simply responded with a natural instinctive response that was neither supportive nor not supportive, but confused.

The article paints Wallace as intolerant. Wallace was so flooded with negative remarks that he quickly deleted the comment and then retweeted another comment that said he was simply confused. In this second comment he made it clear that “he wasn’t saying it was right or wrong,” but just doesn’t understand.

And the Miami Dolphins, the team Wallace plays for, had to also quickly respond to Wallace’s original comment. There response was as such:

Mike Wallace has apologized for his comments, and we have addressed the matter with him. Mike’s comments do not reflect the views of the Miami Dolphins. We believe in a culture of inclusiveness and respect, and any statements to the contrary are in no way acceptable to our organization. We will address the entire team about our policy of inclusion and make sure they all understand the importance of respecting individual choices.

Now for the Dolphins’ organization to respond to a tweet made by one of their players shows that they had received some quick and furious heat that caused them to take action. Notice the nature of the response. First Wallace was made to apologize, he had to repent for his wicked ways. Mike’s comments do not reflect the Miami Dolphin’s organization. Comments like Mike’s are intolerant and disrespectful and they are not acceptable in our new culture. One cannot help but wonder what comments are accepted except silence or approval?

But there are other questions that needs to be asked: Wasn’t Mike Wallace being true to himself? Wasn’t he being honest and real with how he feels? Wasn’t Mr. Wallace treated with intolerance and disrespected for merely stating his first instinct and opinion toward the situation? So in this new culture of tolerance and inclusiveness, Mr. Wallace’s comments are not tolerated or included?

Here’s where my daughtger would say, “Now I’m confused, daddy. Are we supposed to have tolerance or not?” To which I’m sure the great teachers of this society would say: “We must tolerate everyone who agrees with our new world view.” And then my daughter, who just can’t help herself would say: “But is that tolerance? I thought tolerance was putting up with people who don’t agree with you?” To which they would probably say: “Have you been raised in a Christian household?”

It seems that the tolerance and inclusiveness only goes one way. If Mr. Wallace’s comments are not allowed even as a voice in this culture, then what alternative comments can be made? Mr. Wallace didn’t disrespect Jason Collins, he simply said it didn’t make sense to him. He didn’t put Jason Collins down or even say that what he had done was wrong, and yet his comments have no place in this culture because they are heresy against the orthodoxy of the culture. And if these simple comments have no place then it is clear that no comments have their place except comments which march in line with the rest of the masses of the media who applaud Jason Collins for his bravery and leadership.

But wait, there was actually one more alternative voice. This voice came from ESPN sports analyst Chris Broussard. And this voice made it clear that he believed Mr. Collin’s decision to be gay was morally wrong and against God.

Now I want to make it clear before you click on the link to this article and video that I do not think that the way Mr. Broussard goes about making his case is very helpful in our situation. It only furthers the stereotype that all Christians do is thump the Bible and are unaware of the current social situation around them. The truth is, many Christians are very intelligent on this issue and though their primary basis is the Scriptures and the Church teaching, they also have thought deeply about the psychology, health, social conditions, and indoctrination behind the issue at hand. So I do not think that this is the best way to speak about this issue publicly.

Plus there are things that need to be considered in order to show charity toward gay people. Since homosexuality is a sin, then gay people need compassion and help for they are struggling mightily with a sin that has them in their grips. Mr. Broussard’s comments seem to not have much charity toward gay people and they seem to not take into consideration their souls and their needs. Even though Mr. Broussard is correct in his estimation, homosexuality needs to be taken serious as a sin that people need to be saved from and not just a sin to be condemned blankly. We are Christians, just because the other side does not show charity does not mean we should not.

The article for this link is entitled “Shame on ESPN, Chris Broussard, and Mike Wallace.” Wow, that’s the first usage of the word “shame” we have found in this whole “conversation.” Whereas all the supporters of Jason Collins are proud and courageous and to be commended, those who do not support him are shameful and they should feel great guilt.

This is the same religious langauge used when someone has violated the religious  code of a Church or cult. They are to repent and be ashamed. The only people who can be shamed in this culture are those who do not accept the humanist perspective and the secular narrative that has been indoctrinating our youth and causing them to believe and act in certain ways for generations now.

Okay, finally, here is the article and video:

So if someone does not accept homosexuality they are automatically homophobic, ignorant, and they should be ashamed? There is no possible reasonable argument that can be made against a practice that has been condemned by the majority of mankind since its beginning?

Notice that Mike Wallace is also in this article. The writer states that Mike Wallace’s twitter comments were dealt with immediately, which by implication caused Mike Wallace to repent. And then after painting Mr. Wallace and Mr. Broussard as heretics who are to ashamed, the writer ends his very charitable and kind article by painting Jason Collins as a war hero who is to be a marshal in the Boston Gay Pride Parade, has made history today, and who is to be thanked by everyone for his “trailblazing courage.”

So is Ken Williams, the author of this article, respectful of other people’s beliefs and opinions? Is he tolerant as he wants all of us to be? Is he knowledgable of the alternative position and its reasons, or is he ignorant?

Ken Williams, along with many others in the media, speak with the same religious zeal and blindness that they accuse the other side of having. They have been deeply indoctrinated with a certain view of history and a certain narrative of where the world is going in the course of this history. They have been given their beliefs, morality, and ethics by their indoctrination through education and every aspect of the media.

And now, like faithful believers, they are continuing this indoctrination by spreading the humanist gospel into every high place in our society where the children of the next generation will have this religion forced upon them. Though there are still many common people who do not accept their viewpoint, they will see to it that the “official” viewpoint floods society in order to shape the minds of the youth.

By holding up sport athletes, actors, and president’s daughters as saints in this cult of society, they know very well that these people will be the role models, the idols, that will stir and inspire the youth, and will make the youth close their ears to their parents or the Bible’s teaching. Jason Collins is their martyr, and I hope he understands how he will be used by them to be held up as a saint to be emulated. They will hold up Collins as an example of their new religion and as an evangelist in it. I hope Mr. Collins is aware of this because from now on he belongs to them. Now sit back and watch how he becomes the media’s child and darling.

One last comment needs to be made. This entire story broke with Sports Illustrated releasing the article on Mr. Collins. The headline of this article, as mentioned above, was Jason Collins saying that

I didn’t set out to be the first openly gay athlete playing in a major American team sport. But since I am, I’m happy to start the conversation.

Now Mr. Collins seems to be a sincere and nice man, so I believe his comments. But he is simply wrong about starting a conversation. A conversation means two people exchanging their views with each other.

The definition of conversation is: “oral exchange of sentiments, observations, opinions, or ideas.” It is an exchange of views and opinions. But as I have shown in this post, there is no exchanging of opinions or ideas. This conversation is a one-way conversation. It is one side imposing its views upon the other and not even trying to listen to the other side.

It is one-side forming and shaping reality to its own beliefs and opinions and condemning all opposing or dissenting voices. There is no conversation, Mr. Collins, but merely preaching of a social religion of “human rights” which the rest of us have no choice but to agree with unless we take the side of the slave owners and all the other bigots of history.

There is no conversation, there is only indoctrination.



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