This blog is dedicated to analyzing the church and the world from a Christian perspective. As such it will report and comment on the latest news stories and events when it pertains to each; to give history and knowledge that helps to explains the situation we are in; and it will also use other mediums (such as poetry and movie reviews) to help to analyze the state of the world and the church.

By Christian perspective we mean just that. In the vein of G.K. Chesterton and C.S. Lewis, this blog desires to interpret our era by the Christian point of view. This is not to say that we disrespect other viewpoints but that the starting point of conversation on this blog, the facilitator of the conversation, is the Christian viewpoint on the particular topics.

This blog is thus not concerned with being conservative or liberal for those categories are political categories imposed upon the religious realm, but Christ is always greater than our human parties and would likely make both political parties uncomfortable if he were to appear and comment on our situation.

This blog is attempting to present a viewpoint that is often pushed to the background in our culture, a belief system completely ignored and thought of as irrelevant. But to those who want to see the Christian world view we hope this blog can help to answer some questions you might have or to clarify some distinctions.

We invite people of all opinions, viewpoints, and backgrounds to comment on this blog, but comments will be moderated and if any are rejected it will never be because of point of view or force of argument but because of unhelpful bad language, mockery, or childish jesting, though some good humor is welcome. We desire a serious conversation and hope to be respected as we hope to respect all.

As for me, (the creator of the blog who plans to have others take part in the future), I am Isaac Chavez, married to a great woman named Sarah Jean Chavez, and the father of three precious children. I have graduated with my Th.M from Dallas Theological Seminary and am planning to pursue a doctorate at the University of Dayton. I hope to some day be a teacher by occupation (though I already do a lot of teaching without a title or pay), and I may even be ordained as a priest in the Anglican church someday if God is willing. I feel called to use my gifts for God’s service and the help of others and I hope this blog can function as one of the ways in which I do this.

All our welcome to comment and we hope that the blog will be helpful to many, who like us, are trying to discern this great and grand experience and world we have all been brought into for such a short time.


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