Poem: Crystal Lake

Of all the posts I have done up to now this is the first that I must admit does not seem to fully fit the theme of the blog. I simply wanted to share this poem that I wrote years ago and so I have placed it here. I hope you enjoy it and are caused to reflect. Thank you for your time.

Crystal Lake 

The wind blew slightly, and the sun shone brightly in the crisp blue sky on that warm spring day.

Whether April or May, I could not say, for I was lost in her eyes, near the Crystal Lake.

Now it could have been me dreaming or it may have been the gleaming of the lake upon her pearly face;

But her countenance began to change, not just in mood, but in shape, changed by the shimmer of the Crystal Lake.


The sunshine into my soul was beaming, reflecting off the water streaming down her ruby cheeks.

Water which a story told, more than through her lips of rose, to my heart of stone that message still speaks.

But through those pedals also came a tune, born from her “ivory lute”, revealing what her pure mind still thinks.

Causing my rough hands to tremble, hands of a starsturck rebel, which could only brush the streams from off her ruby cheeks.


And as the wind blew her hair of gold, she—just like the goddesses of old told to mortal hearts the words of the wise—-

So to me did she then teach, not through elegancy of speech, but through the glisten of her emerald eyes.

She taught of my true nature, of the eternal value of my wager,

and how I had lost her through my alibis.

This all told so very gently, by a whisper given slightly,

through the green sparkling from her emerald eyes.


Now one memory fills my thinking, one place my spirit is forever drinking—given away by my stone stare.